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The Park

We found this 40 acre property in April 2020 and secured it on July 3, 2020 for play, organic agriculture, art and community living. The park portion (35 acres) will be accessible to the public and operated with use agreements for the specifically identified activity areas. Each area will be managed by the clubs or groups of community citizens interested in spearheading their desired community asset. For example, Driftless United Athletics will manage the soccer fields and a citizen orchard group may manage ½ acre of orchard trees. The clubs or citizen groups will create and manage that section of the park. Over time the activities in the park will evolve to include more activities than listed. Taxes, insurance and maintanance will be partially funded by special events and camping fees.

Events: You're Invited

Events are one of the best ways to share PrairieWind Park. We've already hosted everything from a high school graduation to a Halloween Gathering. 

Park Events

  • Winter Camping Weekend 

  • Cider Pressing Party

  • Halloween Gathering

  • Pick-Up Soccer

  • Winter Solstice Campfire

  • Earth Day Celebration

Volunteer Events

  • Clearing Cozy Nooks

  • Prairie Seed Collection

  • Trail Grooming

  • Building Structures

Private Events

  • Birthday Parties

  • Graduations

  • Future: Weddings, Memorials

Whether you enjoy star gazing away from city lights, soccer games, lounging in an outdoor living room, playing on a rope swing, sitting in hammocks, eating lunch at cedar picnic tables, hiking with a friend, running your dog, cross country skiing, roasting marshmallows over a campfire -- we have you covered.

Join us.


  • Outdoor Recreation

  • Organic Agriculture

  • Public Art


Park Amenities

  • 20 acres of Organic Farmland

  • 5 acres of Sport Fields*

  • Trails for Cross-county Skiing and Hiking*

  • Park Pavilion for large events

  • Storage Shed and Portable Bathrooms

  • 2 Glamping Sites and Car-Free Tent Camping Sites

  • Outdoor Living Room* 

  • Picnic Area*

  • Cozy Nook on field edge to relax and play*

  • 5 more Cozy Nooks planned

  • Root Cellar and Water Cisterns adjacent to Pavilion

  • Solar Field

  • Fruit Trees*, Berries and a Community Garden

  • Road and gravel Parking area for 30 vehicles* 

* = Completed

Glamorous Tent


After the park infrastructure is developed, our vision may evolve. That's why we've allocated more shares than our current budget needs. 


We're open to your ideas.

If you're curious about investing in the future of PrairieWind Park, learn more on our Invest with Us page.

Building the Vision

In fall of 2020, Thompson Dirtworks began excavating our 5-acre athletic fields, even working until December 23. 

In summer of 2021, we built the road and parking lot. 

In fall of 2021, we built the outdoor living room.


In 2022 the soccer fields opened!

In 2023 we planted and protected 64 trees.

Help us build out the vision. Visit the Invest with Us page.

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