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Invest with Us.

Are you interested in supporting Outdoor Recreation, Organic Agriculture, and Art?

Have you ever wanted to own land in the Driftless Region, but don't want the hassle of managing it alone?

Do you want to feel grounded and establish roots?

Or are you motivated to simply save land for insects, birds and other wild creatures and make new friends along the way?

Please keep scrolling to see if becoming an owner of PrairieWind Park is a good fit for you.


If so contact us. Sonya will be more than happy to discuss any aspect in detail.

About PrairieWind Park LLC


PrairieWind Park, LLC is a collectively owned community park. Member owners do not own a specific lot; rather, they collectively own 35 acres. Each member has one vote, regardless of how many shares they own. Member owners can live anywhere, though owners who live within an easy drive can more easily enjoy their land. After the 5 year development phase, it will be managed by a board of user groups, treasurer and secretary. 

Seeking 15 shares to fund the following:

  • Build Pavilion

  • Build Root Cellar

  • Drill Well and Dig Electrical Line

  • Install Water Storage System

  • Develop 2 Glamping Sites

  • Certify 20 acres of Organic Agricultural Land



Location, Location.

This land is located within the Viroqua City limits and walking distance to Main Street. PrairieWind is one of the last remaining large undeveloped land parcels on the southern edge of Viroqua.


The land is bordered by trees on 3 sides, thus transitioning it to organic will not be difficult. The southern edge of the park property borders the VFW (Veterans of Foreign War) 40 acres of trails and frisbee golf course. The City Cemetery borders the northwest portion of the property. Combined there are more than 120 acres of walking trails throughout these three parcels providing amazing dark sky star gazing and birding opportunities.  

People from near by cities such as Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Madison, Milwaukee and Chicago who visit the Driftless region may find our land community an affordable way to establish roots and friendships in Viroqua.

The Property

Securing the Land.

The initial purchase of 575 Prairie Wind Way in Viroqua, WI was accomplished on July 3, 2020, through PrairieWind Community LLC for the purposes of simplifying the loan and reducing loan costs. PrairieWind Community LLC is the organizational structure that owns the co-living rental home and 4.48 acres.


PrairieWind Community (co-living rental) is owned by 6 investor families and is located east of the park (Lot 2).

We surveyed the land and divided it into four parcels, of which the park owns three -- Lot 4, Lot 3 and two plus acres south of lot 2.


The house and land mortgage, taxes and insurance are divided 60/40 with 60% of the liability backed by PrairieWind Community LLC and 40% by PrairieWind Park LLC.

Aerial View of PrairieWind

Investor Benefits


Become a PrairieWind Park Pioneer and invest in a beautiful property in vibrant Viroqua, Wisconsin.


Investor Member benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Capital Appreciation: every 5 years we will value the land.

  • A Limited number of allocated shares: not diluting share value for future rounds

  • Member only events: outdoor parties, personal parties, and community building activities

  • The use of camping, hiking, gardening, stargazing, and endlessly enjoying YOUR land

  • First choice at renting glamping sites

  • First choice at renting units at PrairieWind Community

  • Forever grateful community that you secured a community asset for future generations

Our Investors

Join us.

Monica and Jason were the first to invest in PrairieWind.

We're so thankful to have our current group of investor owners and look forward to welcoming future owners.

Member owners live near and far, from 2 blocks away to Florida.

View the slideshow to see some of our member owners. Seeking 15 more.


Your Investment

A slow money opportunity.

Email Sonya for the nitty gritty. 

PrairieWind Park LLC will include 100 shares. The Unit Share price = $10,000. The shares can be purchaced in three $3333.33 installments over 3 years.

For the second round of investing, we are offering 15 shares to continue the development phase = $150,000.


You can also donate funds for park. Write a check made out to PrairieWind Park and mail to 422 Hickory St. Viroqua WI 54665. We need to purchase everything from swings to oak trees.

Your Investment Moves Us Forward.

Photos from World Wide Web of our park plans.

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